VodafoneZiggo Scan & Recognition app

Total Reality has developed two apps for VodafoneZiggo. One app makes it easier for customers to scan & recognise their demarcation point at home. The second app is used by the mechanics to collect more data to improve the Machine Learning model and therefore the recognition of demarcation points.

The demarcation point of VodafoneZiggo

Customers of VodafoneZiggo can install many products themselves at home. A fixed component in the installation process of a modem is recognising the type of demarcation point. This point is the end of the Ziggo network and the starting point of the customer’s domain. In order to know which steps to take in the installation process, it is necessary to know which type of demarcation point is present. It is difficult for the customer to recognise the type of demarcation point because these points are almost all white and square and the type differences are in the details.

Technicians App

The second app is used by the mechanics of VodafoneZiggo. Everywhere they go, they take pictures of all kinds and types of demarcation points. These photos are collected in a database and stored in the cloud. Because the machine learning model trains itself over and over again, the consumer Scan & Recognize app becomes better and more accurate in recognizing the right type of demarcation point.

Video impression