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Mixed Reality production proces (Hololens & Magic Leap)

Total Reality ​​has realized a working prototype for Emsflower GmbH. Emsflower is a key player with far-reaching logistic processes in horticulture sector.

For delivery, remote stations drive the empty plant carts in trains fully automatically to the relevant locations in the process. Then the plants are placed in the carts and transported. This assembly process does not go smoothly in terms of efficiency, because the height of the planks is not always easy to determine. Employees must count the insertion holes and adjust the height for each customer. Our AR glasses visualize the instructions for the employees.

By visualizing this height in Augmented Reality, employees can easily install the shelves at the correct height. When the employee is done, the augmented reality glasses give the database a signal and the train automatically moves to the right place in the company. 

Video impression