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The Virtual Reality lab (VR-lab) and Smart Industry lab (SI-lab) are equipped with the newest technology for visualization, interaction, collaboration and communication. The emphasis here is on determining, presenting and experiencing the consequences of choices made throughout different phases of development trajectories. Attention is also paid to insight into mutual relationships and dependencies between various disciplines.

Both labs encourage and facilitate multi-disciplinary teams in various development trajectories. The synchronisation of stakeholder perception (inside or across the borders of an organisation), the visualisation of possible future scenarios, complex multiple stakeholder decision making, collective idea generation or impressing/overawing clients, are among the targets.

The Virtual Reality laboratory (VR-Lab) / Smart Industry laboratory (SI-Lab) at the University of Twente facilitates multi-stakeholder decision making processes. Using Synthetic Environments (SE) to facilitate collaboration and to visualize consequences and dependencies of choices, the lab stimulates optimal use of available expertise. The VR-lab embodies a flexible set of VR/AR tools, software and working methods. As a university we are always searching for connection with industry, the Industrial Reality Hub allows for a lower threshold for collaboration among the partners of the hub.

Societal Challenge

By being able to already experience a potential future reality will provide more insight in the consequences of certain decisions. Understanding what the consequences of a product or a service will be, can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a process, and increase the quality of a product or a service. As a knowledge institute we like to hear what problems we can solve for industry and society.


The VR-lab is a real integrator of technology. This integration of technology will lead to having a new functional tool for the user. The achieve this we have knowledge about hardware, software, users, methodologies, connectivity, resources, working methods, simulations, data and information. We are focussing on the domains Digital Twins, Smart Industry / Industry 4.0 and Collaborative Decision Making.


The Virtual Reality Laboratory (VR-Lab) on the University of Twente is a high-tech environment used to facilitate multi-stakeholder decision making processes.The inspiring lab makes it possible to present and discuss ideas using the latest audio and video technologies. The atmosphere of the lab can be changed by choosing the colour, intensity and location of the lights, in combination with multiple images or movies on one or more of the available projection screens or televisions. And sound can be directed from all possible angles. This can all be used to inspire the users to think outside the box.

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