Total Reality

Total Reality wants to make your industrial and operational business processes more effective with our XR solutions. The ambition of Total Reality is to develop innovative XR solutions.

Societal Challenges

With the mixed reality we are able to make production processes more efficient, 'VR and AR' are very suitable for presentation and communication. You create a new reality with it. In mixed reality, the possibilities are combined into a product that can be applied in practice.

Total Reality consists of a team of 15 specialists who serve clients from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France from two locations in Enschede and Amsterdam. We create virtual & augmented reality experiences! From 360 degrees video, interactive augmented reality applications to app development. Among other things we develop for the HTC Vive, Hololens, Magic Leap and Apps for the Google Cardboard.

Core Competences

Total Reality creates application for industrial sector. For building quickly and efficiently machinery parts. With the help of special MR glasses, employees see information about positioning and localization of machine parts. Employees can continue to work on machines within a production line thanks to mixed reality, without having to go to the control room every time.

AR and VR become a single entity and will fully control the industrial production environment. Internationalization, sharing knowledge and jointly delivering large projects are our common goals. Together we create intensive cooperation and a large knowledge base, enabling us to serve AR and VR services at intercontinental level.