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OVSoftware is a company of software specialists. Since 1972 we we build future proof solutions for the industry and government. We have a strong focus on data and system integration and build tailer made solutions to let our client be able to run their business smoothly.

Core Competences

We are focussing on creating business value by optimizing business processes and integrating data and processes, using innovative software development technologies based on the agile methodology .


Our knowldge consist of Software development and system integration using modern backend (Java / MS .net) and front-end (Angular or Unity) technologies.  

Industrial Reality Hub

Synergy between partners and be able to optimize the processes of our (future) customers using VR/AR technology and integrate with their backoffice systems. We believe in the strength of cooperation and have a track record doing just that. Within the Industrial Reality Hub we combine the specific knowledge and experience to build efficiently and better VR/AR solutions for industrial companies.

In the future we will use more and more virtual solutions for all kind of processes, with a high need of integration with existing systems. Our flat organization with highly educated IT professionals love to build solutions that make a difference for our customers.