Hollander Techniek

Hollander Techniek offers expertise in (transition to) data-driven processes, connecting, optimizing and automating processes. Our customised Smart Industry | Industry 4.0 solutions in general, enable AR | VR applications.

Hollander Techniek is a partner for development of tailor made solutions as well as the integration of well-known plant applications. MES, Planning, Dashboarding, DCS, integrated Printing/Coding and Robots are some examples of our portfolio. We are a customer focused organisation and offer support for the transition towards a data-driven process, we help to address opportunities in Smart Industry | Industry 4.0 and as a system integrator we focus on valuable automation.

Core Competences

Hollander Techniek offers expertise on various applications and systems, in different areas. Digitalization is key and our main focus when we are working together with our customers on future-oriented automation solutions.


Hollander Techniek has expertise on a wide variety of hard- and software brands, including (but not limited to) Siemens, Allen Bradley, B&R, ABB and Turck. We also develop tailormade software applications, including (but not limited to) MES, planning, integration, interfacing and communication solutions.

Hollander Techniek has expertise in different areas, such as; process, manufacturing and food, in general; batch and discrete production.

Hollander Techniek is constantly looking for new developments and applications that (are a potentional) answer customer requirements and/or business cases. As system integrator we tend to connect and integrate in order to include these solutions in the range of solutions that fit Smart Industry | Industry 4.0

Our approach is partnership; we offer our expertise to create the best fit for each business case, in such development we co-create by inviting and introducing business partners with an additional value.

AR | VR technology

Hollander Techniek, with expertise in the area of Smart Industry, is aware of the value of data and how this could raise the bar for many processes. Where automation requires visualisation, if not already, sooner or later, AR | VR technology will become a vital part of the solution. With our solutions we require such expertise to be able to deliver a comprehensive answer to our customer demands.

Looking at the future, we see the formation of supply chains, in fact this is already taking place. As we are becoming a part of that, we realise how each participant is expected to be modular and expected to complete others.