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Controllab is an expert in in developing digital twins: simulation models that are physically correct and mimic real systems very accurately.

Societal Challenges

How can you validate a machine before it is actually built? By using digital twins by Controllab. We design realistic machine simulators which allow you to do many tests in advance! You can test the control software, the human machine interfaces, the performance of the machine and even do tests that would destroy the real machine! This will speed up the development cycle and allow you to create machines first time right.

Core Competences

Controllab has developed tools and software to create accurate simulation models and couple these with a very realistic representation in VR. Our models are responsive: they will react to your commands and show the response that a real machine would give.


Controllab is specialized in the modelling of machines with electric or hydraulic drives, a mechanical structure and complex control software like robots or cranes. We bring these machines to life by using the original CAD files and coupling these with realistic environments.


Controllab is active in the field of Marine & Offshore, and specializes in making the control systems for complex motion compensation systems for access bridges and cranes on sea. Furthermore, Controllab creates complex control algorithms for several different use-cases in the High-Tech market, like advanced robotic applications.

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