CONNEC2 is a virtual collaboration platform that allows people to have a lifelike social experience in a virtual extension of their workspace in which physical boundaries disappear.

CONNEC2 offers an accessible ‘XR as a service’ solution. Instead of developing expensive XR software from scratch, Connec2 allows teams to effortlessly meet, publish and share content. This way companies can easily start implementing XR today.

Societal Challenge

CONNEC2’s  goal is to accelerate the adoption of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Industry by delivering an outstanding and easily accessible AR/VR Service, making mixed reality common practice in the Industry. They work together with several universities and research institutes in the Netherlands and give them innovation solutions and knowledge based platform.

Core Competences

CONNEC2 is a synergy of years of experience in the field of 3D visualisations, XR & Cloud. Their team of talented developers think ahead of the opportunities that new technologies enable.

Based on 25 years of experience from different industries, as a knowledge partner, they bring a strong vision in the field of communication and knowledge transfer through AR/VR/MR technologies. Using the latest technologies such as IOT, CONNEC2 develops innovative solutions such as linking AR Technology with IOT and telepresence in combination with AR/VR content creation for manufacturers.


CONNEC2 has a high-end knowledge base in developing Cloud and XR.


CONNEC2 operates in several branches like the Building Industry, Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical Care, Supply Industry.