Twinsense 360 becomes Total Reality

Change of name for industrial XR company. Twinsense 360 gets a new name and continues as Total Reality. The namesake Twinsense keeps the same name. "That'll better cover the load and eliminate confusion."


Enschede. - It's always been two companies. Twinsense BV is the full-service online communication agency that was started in 2005 by Maurice Kruse.  Twinsense 360 BV is the spin-off that was started in 2015 by Kruse and Albert Hoekstra. Where Twinsense is engaged in marketing for SME's, the target group of Twinsense 360 became more and more industrial. Two different companies with almost the same name. But from now on not anymore. Kruse and Hoekstra decided to rename Twinsense 360 Total Reality.
"What started with 360 degree video's, has grown into an XR company that focuses on MKB-plus; industry," Kruse explains. "Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are combined into XR and that offers solutions for the industry and retail sector. 
So Twinsense stays himself?
"Indeed. Twinsense remains a full-service media agency with specialized media professionals that facilitates all online marketing activities for a fixed fee. Both the marketing within the website, technical changes for a high Google positioning and the production of periodical videos are provided by Twinsense. Every month our marketer comes to our clients' offices to discuss the status and to draw up new strategies for the coming period".
And what happens to Twinsense 360?
"It will be called Total Reality and will continue to provide XR solutions for the industrial sector. Total Reality creates virtual & augmented reality experiences and specializes in visualizing VR and AR data within the industrial lifecycle. We offer solutions for Pototyping, Process optimisation, Maintanance & support, Train & Educate, Marketing & Sales. Total Reality develops apps for the Oculus Go and Oculus rift, HTC Vive, Hololens and Apps for mobile devices, among others".
Is there an example of that?
"Autoliv, specialist in safety systems in the automotive industry, performs crash tests using a software we wrote for the Microsoft Hololens. Because we visualize the dimensions and positions of the installation in AR, tests can now be carried out quickly and efficiently. No more delays in installing a dummy and less paperwork. In this way we bring database information back to reality. That offers a solution for a lot of industrial processes".
Twinsense 360 continues under the name Total Reality. Twinsense BV keeps the name. The location and operational management also remain unchanged. Twinsense remains the url, Total Reality will be transferred to
The total organisational structure consists of a team of eighteen specialists who serve customers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France from two offices in Enschede and Amsterdam.