Knowledge Partners

The Industrial Reality Hub has a new form of participation. That of the “knowledge partner.” Participation as a knowledge partner is intended for companies and institutions that want to be closely involved in the initiatives of the Hub, but do not aspire a membership.

Knowledge Partners


A member of the Industrial Reality Hub has its primary focus on the development of AR / VR and related applications. A member has rights and obligations as laid down in the cooperation agreement. This means, among other things, active participation in member meetings and working groups, a significant contribution in hours and participation in innovation projects. A member pays participation fees at the entrance to the Hub and an annual contribution.

Knowledge partner

A knowledge partner of the Industrial Reality Hub is active in the exchange of knowledge in the field of AR / VR and related applications and thus contributes to the Hub strategy. A Knowledge Partner may participate in knowledge sessions of the Hub and is kept informed of developments within the Hub. A knowledge partner has no rights or obligations within the Hub. The profile and logo of a knowledge partner are placed on the IR Hub website and other communication fittings. A knowledge partner pays an annual contribution to be determined by Hub. For 2019 this fee is 500 euros. Parties that are interested can contact the hub to become a knowledge partner.

First knowledge partners

The professional education organization STODT has applied and become the first official knowledge partner of the Industrial Reality Hub.