Industrial Reality Hub grows to 16 partners

After its launch at the 'Industrial Reality 2019' event and its presence at the Hannover Messe, the Industrial Reality Hub (IR Hub) has grown from 11 to 16 partners. The IR Hub is a consortium that is committed to innovation and cooperation between companies, governments and knowledge institutions in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality. HSO Innovation, Saxion Hogeschool, Stichting STODT toekomsttechniek, Thales Nederland and Hollander Techniek have joined as knowledge partners in recent months and are adding knowledge and facilities in the field of industrial digitisation knowledge and talent. With the arrival of these partners, the IR Hub strengthens its international position as a Fieldlab, with the ambition to become the European hotspot for industrially applied AR/VR and AI. 


With the arrival of VMO members Hollander Techniek and STODT, the cooperation with the Verenigde Maakindustrie Oost-Nederland (VMO) has been strengthened. In addition, the ongoing activities with the University of Twente have been expanded through the cooperation with Fraunhofer Project Center. As a Microsoft partner, HSO Innovation from Veenendaal (Utrecht) is a front-runner in the development and implementation of AR applications. Saxion Academy of Creative Technology and research group Ambient Intelligence have an impressive track record when it comes to training students in creative and serious applications of VR, data and sensors. 

Knowledge events 

Lead partner of the IR Hub, Controllab, organized the first knowledge event with CAD Services at The Gallery in Enschede. The theme of the meeting was 'from CAD to 3D', where the latest technological developments were shared between members and knowledge partners. Christian Kleijn, Director of Controllab and Chairman of the IR Hub: "The event was a success and we are already working on a new hardware knowledge event. Together with Saxion, several practical student projects are set up in a VR environment with, among others, The Virtual Dutchmen and OV Software.


East Netherlands development agency Oost NL was responsible for the collaboration between IR Hub and Fraunhofer Project Center Twente (FPC). FPC and IR Hub members are working together on an innovation roadmap, so that new projects fit in well with market expectations and technological possibilities. This contributes to FPC's Advanced Manufacturing programme and the establishment of demonstrators. 


The World Trade Center Twente was present at the French fair "Laval Virtual" on behalf of the IR Hub. internationalization program GO4EXPORT provided industrial contacts at the Holland Tag in Duisberg, where the Netherlands made the most of its trading partner Germany, together with the regions Eindhoven and Twente. These activities resulted in many new international contacts.


The Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN) started the project "Towards the Digital Factory", in which seven modern factories in the East of the Netherlands take the next step towards Digital Twins. Digital copies of the factories will streamline production processes and improve the interaction between machines and people in the production process. This Fieldlab project arose from the exchange of knowledge between lead partner HAN lectorate Lean and IR Hub coordinator Oost NL.